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We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with fashion industry leader TRIBAL INC. based out of Montreal Canada. Vice President of Design, Danielle Gallatly, re-designed our shirt as their charitable initiative. Our Non-Profit Donate & Create Project can now expand our reach. Our goal is to continue to use the transformative power of art to raise funds and give those dealing with cancer a creative outlet. The shirt will be available in retail stores January 2015. Please visit TRIBAL INC.s website to find a store closest to you. We hope our relationship with TRIBAL turns into a yearly patterned shirt designed from your donations. Our tax exempt status allows for deductible monitory donations and we are always overjoyed to receive any unused bobbles you may have. Click here to donate
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On April 12th 2000, Heidi Marble faced her own mortality at the age of 34. She defiantly fought her way back from the dead after being diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. After many answered prayers, Heidi is invigorated to take her message of hope to anyone facing adversity. Her book "Waiting for Wings," is more than a story about cancer. It is a story about love; love of a child, love of a couple and an unflinching love of life. Her journey has further transformed into a fundraising campaign called Donate&Create. Heidi utilizes thousands of donated pieces of broken jewelry, watches and bobbles from all over the country to create life saving art. With the help of thousands, she and her team have created stunning designs of hope and healing. As you browse our website we hope you will find confirmation that our challenges can be transformative.


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