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Our art was born from an unlikely encounter with a damaged mannequin. After my cancer diagnosis, I started collecting old buttons, discarded jewelry, buckles and watches to create small gifts. On one of my "gathering" expeditions I came across sad form piled on the floor. Immediately, I saw myself in this scarred and fallen mannequin. Before I knew it, I had paid $20 dollars and was loading her "nakedness" into the passenger side of my car. With tears in my eyes I drove through rush hour traffic turning countless heads.
Over the course of three years "Jewels" emerged as I covered her with bobbles from friends and friends. The transformed figure won an art show and became a display of hope at our local hospital. From this simple idea a fundraising campaign was launched. The public has responded by sending more donations than we can count.
Donate & Creates team volunteers and artists have proudly finished over ten life size pieces. Along with gorgeous wall mirrors, lamps and custom belt buckles. In addition, we now carry wearable art in the form of tee shirts, men's ties and silk scarves. Through our Pick & Print Program almost anything can be made from our patterns of hope and healing.
We feel so honored to be given custody of these tiny treasures. We understand it is so much more than bling, it is a collection of strength. We have taken the tarnished, broken, unused and brought them together to create stunning designs. Our projects are a testimony to the beauty of coming together. Our projects are proof that we can make a difference one piece at a time. Join us by sending your donation along with a history, letter or note.