What are they saying about "Waiting for Wings"?
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"This book will open the eyes of understanding for anyone who has a loved one dealing with cancer"
-James M. Long M.D. Northbay Cancer Center
“Reading your book made me realize, even though our struggles are not the same we share the same emotions. The same capacity for joy, love, grief, fear, exhaustion and faith. Your book is  a priceless gift”
-Celena Mitchell
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“Unlike other books, “Waiting for Wings” is a blend of photographs, narrative and poetry. The book is an aching account of a mother’s determination to survive not only for her son, but her husband and ultimately herself. The story offers deep insight into the human potential the resides in each one of us.”
-Milton Kahn Public Relations
Creator of blockbuster campaigns including “Fried Green Tomatoes”

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Waiting for Wings is an extraordinary book about Heidi Marble’s journey through breast cancer. With words and pictures, she presents an unflinching honest portrait of her experience. There are no pink ribbons in this book; instead, there is beauty, truth and hope.”
-Hester Hill Schnipper
Chief Oncology Social Work
Author of Breast Cancer: A Commonsense Guide to Life After Treatment

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“What a courageous book to write. Heidi is not just strong because she fought the battle again breast cancer and won but because she put her vanity aside to show the toll this awful disease takes. Even with her scars, she remains one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met—both inside and out. She inspires us all to face life’s challenges with courage and grace.”
-Barbara Rodgers
Former Host Bay Sunday, CBS 5
“Thank you for pouring your heart and soul out and writing this amazing book. Your poignant portrayal of your journey through photos and poetry moved me to tears. You are truly an inspiration to all people who are fighting the fight. “Waiting for Wings” is a must read!
-Jan Stagnar
“Finally a book about breast cancer that isn’t all about the horror but rather the fierce FIGHT and TRIUMPH over cancer while staying inexorably connected to the feminine wild spirit”
-Evanthia Pappas
Prosecuting Attorney
Fellow Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survivor
“ I  am haunted by; your book, your poetry, your words, your pictures, your art , your purpose, your strength, your courage. You are brave, noble, unsinkable”
-Judi King