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It has been several years since Heidi was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.The most aggressive and virulent form of the disease that mimics an infection. Her original prognosis was 18 months, a death sentence. At 34 years old, mother of a two year old son and wife of a devoted husband, Heidi fought with unflinching determination. The sacrifices were many; loss of both breasts, a full hysterectomy, burns from radiation, hair loss from chemotherapy, coupled with years of hormonal injections/pills.
After a few miracles, Heidi has crawled back from the dead with a heart full of purpose. Her metamorphosis from near death to life is documented in her first book WAITING FOR WINGS. She is currently working on her second book, TAKING FLIGHT, which explores life after cancer.
Additionally, her team has created a unique form of art called the DONATE & CREATE PROJECT. Thousand of pieces of unwanted jewelry, button, buckles, watches and bling have been donated to create life size art pieces. The art is used for auction, display and community projects to raise money for research. Apparel patterned from the art is now available in the form of shirts, men's ties and silk scarves.
To date, Heidi has made over 100 Key Note addresses all over the country and will begin her international journey this fall. Dozens of TV appearances , radio shows and print media have helped spread her message of beating the odds. As Heidi states, "Healing is a gritty, messy and exhausting series of ups and downs, what matters is that we find our own way."
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